Moving AUD$ table to another tablespace in 11gR2

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From 11gR2 moving the AUD$ table to another tablespace using dbms_audit_mgmt, has been officially introduced/supported. DBMS_AUDIT_MGMT enables audit administrators to manage the various audit trail types like database audit trails, operating system (OS) audit trails, and XML audit trails. It is installed by default in Oracle 11.2 and makes thing easier. SQL> SELECT table_name, tablespace_name […]

Audit Connect AS SYSDBA

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I need to admit my lack of working on UNIX flavors.Few months back only i started working on databases on UNIX flavors, before this it was all windows family.Reason for my so much working on windows family needs to asked to my MANAGER 😉 I was informed about the space crunch issue by the support […]