S3 Bucket – IllegalLocationConstraintException

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A quick one !! Creating bucket failed with “IllegalLocationConstraintException” — [[email protected] ~]$ aws s3api create-bucket –bucket labtestrand –region us-west-2 An error occurred (IllegalLocationConstraintException) when calling the CreateBucket operation: The unspecified location constraint is incompatible for the region specific endpoint this request was sent to. Solution — [[email protected] ~]$ [[email protected] ~]$ aws s3api create-bucket –bucket labtestrand […]

Oracle to Postgres — Index Skip Scan

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I have been working on Oracle to Postgres migration and it has been a fun ride. One of the recent encounters during migration was performance issue in Postgres for a query, actually quite a simple query. SELECT count(*) AS num_incidents FROM audit_cs acs INNER JOIN audit_changes ac ON acs.audit_change_id = ac.audit_change_set WHERE acs.object_id=$1 AND ac.path […]