12c Upgrade – It can be slow!!!!

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This post is for some of you who are planning to upgrade to 12c.I worked on upgrading single instance database from to, so thought to share my experience. From 12c catupgrade.sql has been deprecated and Oracle has introduced catctl.pl script for upgrade. With catctl.pl script Oracle tries to perform as much work as […]

Upgrading to – Dictionary View Performing Poor

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Just a quick blog post on things you might see after upgrading to We recently upgraded database from to and query on some data dictionary views ran too slow. 1. Performace of query on dba_free_space degraded 2. Performance of query involving dba_segments is slow DEV01> select ceil(sum(b.bytes)/1024/1024) b from sys.dba_free_space b; Elapsed: […]

Clusterware version consistency failed

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Recently we rollbacked (qtree snapshots were restored) 2-node RAC back to version after testing successful upgrade.Again it was time for mock upgrade to, before performing it on production.We started the runInstaller for CRS upgrade and after the “Prerequisite Checks” it showed ” clusterware version consistency failed for both the nodes”. The to […]

Upgrade DB using exisiting Oracle Home in 11.2 and later – "In-Place Upgrade"

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From 11gR2, Oracle introduced “Out-of-Place” upgrade, where during the upgrade we install the patch set into a new, separate Oracle home, and its best practices recommendation, as minimizes the downtime.Once, the patch set installation is complete in the new Oracle Home location, we can perform the upgrade using DBUA or manual method. So, can’t we […]