single-task message and Cursor:pin S wait on X

Recently we had faced an issue where the CPU utilization on 3-node RAC ( servers were high. The load testing team had reported for the same as they were doing loading testing on the machine and wanted us to have a look. I was asked to check and find the reason for the same, so i logged in the box and started checking. Node 2 and 3 showed ~500 sessions on each node waiting on Cursor: pin S wait on X event.
For now tracking back the issue –

11:54:38 [email protected] > select wait_class_id, wait_class, count(*) cnt from dba_hist_active_sess_history where snap_id between 81801 and 81805 group by wait_class_id, wait_class order by 3;
WAIT_CLASS_ID WAIT_CLASS                                                              CNT
------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
   3386400367 Commit                                                                  724
   4108307767 System I/O                                                             1382
   3871361733 Cluster                                                                1662
   4217450380 Application                                                            6837
   1740759767 User I/O                                                              13593
   2000153315 Network                                                               13643
   1893977003 Other                                                                 13735
   3875070507 Concurrency                                                         1570590

We can see that there was large number of Concurrency events.Lets try to dig some more in

12:02:01 [email protected] > select event_id, event, count(*) cnt from dba_hist_active_sess_history where snap_id between 81803 and 81805 and wait_class_id=3875070507  group by event_id, event order by 3;
  EVENT_ID EVENT                                                                   CNT
---------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
2161531084 buffer busy waits                                                         1
1035026728 enq: TX - index contention                                                2
1117386924 latch: row cache objects                                                 15
2779959231 latch: cache buffers chains                                              16
1714089451 row cache lock                                                           20
1729366244 cursor: pin S wait on X                                               42428
6 rows selected.

Above we can see Cursor: pin S wait on X was dominating. Lets find the sqlids

12:10:37 [email protected] > select sql_id, count(*) cnt from dba_hist_active_sess_history where snap_id between 81803 and 81805 and event_id=1729366244 group by sql_id having count(*) > 5000 order by 2;
SQL_ID               CNT
------------- ----------
9gwcrh9842s2w      16758
g41vxyz956uvu      16804
2 rows selected.

So sqlid 9gwcrh9842s2w and g41vxyz956uvu had a big wait count for Cursor: pin S wait on X.As per the Oracle doc –

cursor: pin S wait on X — A session waits for this event when it is requesting a shared mutex pin and another session is holding an exclusive mutex pin on the same cursor object.

To check which session is holding the exclusive lock on the mutex –

select p1, p2raw, count(*) from v$session  where event = β€˜cursor: pin S wait on X’ and wait_time = 0  group by p1, p2raw;

p1 –> Mutex Id
p2raw –> The top bytes of p2raw gives the blocker session id in hexadecimal.
In our case, we checked the session wait event on the the 2 sqlids and saw 2 distinct wait events, cursor: pin S wait on X and single-task message.

single-task message — When running single task, this event indicates that the session waits for the client side of the executable.

The session with single-task messgae had a logon time of ~100hrs and the sqls indicated some dblink operation.

| Id  | Operation                        | Name             | Rows  | Bytes | Cost (%CPU)| Time     | Inst   |IN-OUT|
|   6 |       REMOTE                     | ABC_CONFIG_VW    |     1 |    39 |     2   (0)| 00:00:01 | MATRIX | R->S |

The remote box had got rebooted ~100hrs back, but the connections were still open and the session had gone in loop. Killing these active session with wait event “single-task message” reduced the active session count wait from 500 to ~5 on each node which in turn also reduced the CPU utilization.
Meanwhile looking for the issue, i came across the below blog post.

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