Oracle ASMLib

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This blog post is more of a note for myself on configuring ASMLib. ASMLib is an optional utility that can be used on Linux systems to manage Oracle ASM devices. ASMLib consists of the following components: An open source (GPL) kernel module package: kmod-oracleasm An open source (GPL) utilities package: oracleasm-support A closed source (proprietary) […]

ORDIM – Oracle Multimedia – Invalid after upgrade

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ORDIM – The Oracle Multimedia component might be in INVALID state after the database upgrade to 12c. While I was testing the upgrade on test server, received below errors after the completion. Serial Phase #:69 Files: 1 Use of uninitialized value $gsRTInclusion in concatenation (.) or string at line 1500. Time: 49s —————————————————— […]